Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Trendy laser cutting!

One of the latest trends is laser cut invitations, and I love them! They are sometimes a bit of a challenge to design and I must admit it took me several hours to get the design of the butterfly in this card just right. But after a few trial runs I am very pleased with the results.
I've used the design on a bright pink shimmer cardstock that I've cut and folded into a 145 mm square card. For the sample I've used a matching pale pink shimmer paper for a slightly smaller, folded insert, but a more neutral gold or silver behind the bright colour would also look lovely. For my diy photoshoot I've placed a light behind the card to try and capture the beautiful shadows that the lasercut butterfly casts.
I will admit that lasercutting doesn't come cheap, but the detailed precision of the cutting process is absolutely beautiful and the great thing is that you don't need anything else to achieve that WOW factor! A simple folded insert will do, so I often recommend that bridal couples with access to a computer and a printer buy the lasercut cardstock and do the hand finishing and inserts themselves to keep the costs down.
I've received a lasercut wedding invitation quite recently and the card is so beautiful that it felt like a little gift that I've received in the mail. In fact: I think I should spoil myself and frame that card and my own butterfly card for the wall in my little studio!

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