Thursday, 19 April 2012

Nine years ago ...

Today, exactly nine years ago, I married the most amazing guy in the world under a canopy of trees and an African sky ... It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made!

Happy anniversary, Konyntjie!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Let's Travel

In the last couple of days my wooden aeroplanes were featured in three more treasuries on Etsy:

Let's Travel is a lovely collection of handmade and vintage items all from Dutch Etsy shops by Ingrid Gussen from Het Bovenhuis. Ingrid makes lovely felt garlands, mobiles, magnets and more from felt. You will find Ingrid's treasury here.

The above treasury was done by Wendy A Ceasar from Tiflo Gifts. You fill find Wendy's treasury here.

Last, but not least is this lovely treasury called Global Love Wedding Theme, which was done by Elisa H. from ABandIG. You will find Wendy's treasury here.

Thank you to Ingrid, Wendy and Elisa for including my planes in their treasuries. I always love to see my goodies "out there"!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Sew Pretty!

A while ago I've mentioned here on my blog that I was planning on posting an amazing wedding cake that I saw somewhere on the Internet, but when I wanted to do so, I couldn't find the link Well, I am pleased to say: I found it! Yay! It took me a while, but better late than never!

I am pretty useless when it comes to sewing, although I am pleased to say that I am better at embroidery. Not only do I find embroidery very relaxing to do, but I love the supplies: ribbons and threads in pretty colours, bird shaped embroidery scissors, pretty pin cushions, needle holders ... the list goes on and on. Lately I've become a little obsessed with vintage sewing supplies. I've wanted an antique sewing machine for quite a while, and then, about two months ago, hubby bought me a gem of a machine  at a thrift store for practically next to nothing! Now I've got this little "still life" going in the lounge, but it still is a work in progress. I need more vintage buttons, lace and of course more wooden spools to finish off the new sewing corner in the lounge.

This is probably why this amazing cake (made by the very talented Roxanne Floquet from Cape Town, South Africa) appealed to me so much. It's got everything I need to finish off my little display! On top of that the absolutely stunning cake is a clever combination of the more traditional wedding cake and the more modern approach of cupcakes in stead of a wedding cake. Who says you can't have both! I am so pleased that I finally remembered where I saw this specific cake, so that I could share it with you here!

The cake was photographed by one of my favourite South African wedding photographers, Nikki Meyer, at the wedding of Tony and Wilmi. You will find more photographs of this beautiful vintage inspired wedding here.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Anywhere I Wander

We've had a few lovely warm days and I thought spring was here to stay, but lately it has been quite cold again, so I still need a bit of convincing that spring is in fact in the air! Hubby, alias the Plane Sanding Expert, and I have been daydreaming about taking a trip. It can't happen right now although we'll probably take a day trip to one of the nearby islands responsible for the plural "S" in "The Netherlands". There are quite of few of these islands that I haven't seen yet. Can't wait! Like Derek Shepherd from Grey's Anatomy I have a thing for ferry boats. Love the idea of getting onto a ferry - no matter how short the trip, or how small and silly the boat! It's probably because it's a relatively new experience for me, coming from a country with a lot less water and therefore no real ferries!Anyway, it seems as if we are not the only people dreaming of travelling to far away places! Lately a lot of people seem to have travelling on their minds, judging by the travel related treasuries on Etsy! Within a couple of hours my wooden airplane charms for invitations were posted on two travel related treasuries. I've already blogged about the other one yesterday, so I thought I wll do a post about the second treasury today!

This tribute to travel is by fellow Etsian Taara Portela from Printline. (Printline offers printable files for DIY stationery and decorative elements.) You can find the treasury here. I find it hard to decide on a favourite item, so you will have to go and see for yourself!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Up Up and Away Travel Time

I never get tired of seeing something from my Etsy store featured in a treasury. So thank you to Dawn from p1xie for featuring my planes in a lovely treasury and for making my day! Dawn makes the most amazing vintage inspired dresses, so a visit to her Etsy shop is an absolute treat!
You will find Dawn's treasury here. Definitely worth looking at!