Thursday, 22 July 2010

Hi There, English Speaking World!

I’ve lived in The Netherlands since July 2009 and I am learning Dutch by reading, listening and, with the start of this blog, by writing! (I will do some posts in not-so-perfect Dutch and some in English to make the site more accessible.)
I have a passion for paper, stationery and anything that combines well with paper. And I love weddings, romance and wedding blogs! I also design hand finished cards, wedding invitations, menus, place cards and other stationery items for weddings and celebrations, but not the type of cards you would choose from a catalogue at your local printer!
Since I came to The Netherlands I have noticed that there are very few designers that make bespoke invitations or that finish invitations by hand! If you read the comments on the Dutch wedding blogs, it becomes evident that there is a need for ideas and inspiration for different and original invitations. Therefore I have decided to start a blog – in not so fluent Dutch! It is very important to me to learn the language and to be accessible to Dutch readers, even though I cannot offer them perfect Dutch yet! I will, however, often post in English as well, to make sure that I am accessible to English readers from all over the world! (And to be able to still post when I simply cannot express my thoughts in Dutch or when I am pushed for time!)

What can you expect on this blog?

I would like to share my ideas, small (paper) projects and personal creative adventures with your, as well as do-it-yourself ideas, links to other blog posts or websites that I find interesting. And I will share with you what inspires me! My main focus will be on invitations, wedding stationery, and favours for weddings, as well as other family celebrations and corporate events.


  1. I don't speak Dutch, but I am Afrikaans and I can understand a little of the Dutch (and obviously English). I LOVE your blog!!! I hope you will post very often! I can't wait to see ALL your designs! Good luck, with the Dutch!:-)

  2. Lovely start to your blog. Good luck with your business venture!

  3. Thanks guys! I was so worried no one would notice my blog - especially in these early days!