Friday, 9 August 2013

Catching Up

Early evening in Salzburg.

As I've already mentioned I have some catching up to do. One of the things that I would like to mention is a wonderful week of travelling with Hubby and the Doggies. We didn't really plan the holiday. At first our intention was to stay at home and just relax, but then we realised that it would be better to take off somewhere. Working from home makes it hard to really take a break, relax and forget about e-mails, clients and everything work-related - especially when half-finished projects and your laptop haunt you from the dining room table! So, in order to forget about it all we got into the car and drove to Germany. Our next stop was Austria. From Austria we took a day trip to Liechtenstein and another to Italy and then we headed home through France, Luxembourg and Germany. 

As a South African I used to have to get on a plane and literally cross a continent to visit a European country. That is probably why I will never lose the feeling of excitement every time we cross a border to visit another European county! On the day that we went from Austria to Italy the road that we thought we would take was closed due to road works and we had to take a detour through Switzerland! Five years ago this would have been completely unreal to me! 

This was my second visit to Austria. Hubby and I aren't really city people, but we do try to always include at least one day in the city when exploring a country. This time we've been to Salzburg, which is a beautiful and friendly city full of culture, beautiful gardens and stunning architecture. The Alps however, remain my first love when it comes to Austria!

About 2 km above sea level.
Although the composition isn't perfect I love this photo. Taken from the car while Hubby was driving, I love how this photo shows how high up in the mountains we were. It really made me feel on top of the world!

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