Thursday, 15 September 2011

Wooden planes with customisation option

My lounge hangs full of pictures from countries that Hubby and I have visited. We have a vintage map of Africa on one of our walls (Hubby is the proud owner and he had it even before he had me!) and a collection of little treasures that we've collected on our trips to other countries. So being a bit of a traveller myself, I guess it isn't strange that I've also been bitten by the travelling theme bug when it comes to weddings, celebrations and home decor!

I'm especially in love with the idea of boarding pass and passport invitations - not to mention those old maps, vintage postcards, and other travel related treasures that are so trendy right now!

At present I am working on stationery for a wedding with a much more feminine touch, but in between everything pink and flowery I came up with a fun little item for my Etsy shop:  tiny wooden aeroplanes! 

These little aeroplanes are lasercut from thin, very lightweight wood. They will hardly add any weight to
wedding stationery and invitations (to keep mailing costs down), but they are sure to add an element of fun to any travel themed affair. I've tied one to a simple vintage map pocket/sleeve with baker's twine to show you what the planes look like:

 These little planes are available in my Etsy shop, but you can also e-mail me directly if you prefer to do so. I'm very flexible when it coms to making them. I can make them with or without a hole. The hole is big enough for baker's twine, but if you want to thread them onto something thicker I can supply you with jump rings which will alow you to use them on ribbon and thicker fibres.They can also be made without a hole so you can stick them flat onto paper projects. They come unvarnished and although lovely as they are, they are also easy to paint, stain or dye. And they are scrapbook safe, in case you were wondering.) For an additional fee they may also be engraved with initials/names and/or a date, so customisation is also an option!

To find out more, please contact me via e-mail on almostamsterdam{at} If you've joined Etsy you can also contact me via Etsy. The planes on Etsy can be found here.

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