Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Pucker Up!

So things have been a little crazy lately and this post should have been up much, much earlier. Please accept my apology! For those who are interested, straws with lip decorations are now available in my Etsy shop.

Initially I've listed DIY straw decorations to allow those of you living in the Netherlands to buy your own straws and just order the decorations. Unfortunately this has become a bit of an admin nightmare for me with people from abroad ordering the DIY option without realising that it might be quite painful to find the right straws to fit through the holes in my straw decorations. (As it turns out a 5 mm straw is not necessarily a 5mm straw!) To make things easier for Etsy shoppers who come from all over the world I am now including straws in all my standard listings for straw decorations.

But please note: if you have your heart set on using your own designer straws with my decorations I can still customise them for you, or do listings without straws included.

How will it work? There are two options:

You can physically mail one of the straws that you would like to use to me. I can then size it and adapt the straw decorations accordingly. Alternatively you can order a straw sizing chart from me. This  is a simple sheet of cardstock with holes in various sizes cut into it. You can then physically push your straw through the different holes to determine the right size. Once you know the right size you can let me know what it is and I can customise your straw decorations so they will fit your straws. This might sound silly, but unfortunately a hole that is too big by even a tenth of a millimetre can cause your decorations to slide to far down, while a hole that is just a fraction too small will mean that your straws won't fit!)

You can find my straw decorations in my Etsy shop:

The straw decorations are a lot of fun. They are wonderful ice breakers at parties and they make for great photos, so go and check them out! And remember: if you're looking for something specific, please feel free to contact me and ask. Since I lasercut many of the items in my shop I offer a lot of flexibility with regard to customisation! Just e-mail me or contact me via my Etsy shop!

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