Friday, 6 August 2010

Lace - A Major Trend for 2010 and 2011!

This card is a new design. I love a bit of whimsy, so I’ve combined a vintage rose pattern with bird shapes and crowns on the top layer of a simple rectangular card. A delicate lace pattern runs down both sides of the top layer of the invite, which is fastened to a second simple white card, printed in the same colour pink with the details of the wedding and a single pink feather. The card may be fastened with a brad or an eyelet, or it may be dressed up some more by attaching a tassel, a piece of lace or a ribbon. I still need to decide whether to use a pink shimmer envelope or a transparent white envelope for mailing the card. (I think both options work well, so I can’t make up my mind!)

I think this will be the perfect invitation for a bride that loves the idea of lace, but who doesn’t want to overwhelm her groom with too much feminity! My husband loves the playful nature of this card.

I am very glad to report that lace is here to stay as a major trend for 2010-2011. I love the feminine, delicate patterns of lace, crochet, embroidery and all those long forgotten arts! Yes, it’s time to dig out Granny’s lace doilies and to buy the paper version from the supermarket. (I’ve also seen some lovely big and miniature paper doilies at Blokker, for those of you in the Netherlands.)

There are many ways to introduce lace when styling your wedding:

• Lasercutting is a method by which parts of the paper is literally burnt away with a laser beam to achieve a delicate, lace-like effect – ideal for wedding stationery!

• Another alternative is to ask your stationery designer to use lace patterns and doily designs when designing and printing your invitations.

• Wrap your invitations in real lace or use a narrow piece of lace in stead of a ribbon on stationery.

• Use paper doilies to line plates, use them as coasters under glasses on your tables, or wrap them around glass bottles (such as empty jam or vegetable jars) filled with flowers.

• Use flowers cut from fabric, tulle and lace to decorate your table or make brooches to give to your female guests as favours. (They might even wear them at the wedding!)

• Make small lace bags to package sweets or other small gifts for your guests.

• Tie lace around napkins, in stead of using napkin rings.

• Have napkins embroidered with your initials and ask your granny to crochet around the seams.

• Hang lace hearts clothesline style in between place cards to help guests find their seats.

• Use paper doilies to make cones for confetti.

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