Friday, 2 February 2018


I've recently received some photographs from the very talented and lovely Liz, who bought some of my wooden airplane charms on Etsy. Liz did a floristry course before getting married, so she could do her own flowers for her wedding in 2015. Nowadays she uses her skills to do flowers as a favour for family and friends. 

Liz sprayed the little airplane charms silver, in order to use them in floral arrangements for a retirement party. She then glued them onto skewers encased in green bamboo, so they looked like they were zooming around among the flowers. Liz received a lot of comments from guests on the subtle, fun touch the planes brought to her flower arrangements. And I thought she was brilliant to hide the skewers in bamboo! Liz was so kind to give me permission to share the photos on my blog, so be inspired!

Liz is a woman of many talents. She also sells baby gifts at craft fairs and has recently opened a little Etsy shop called OatOrganicBabyGifts. The shop is still brand new, but based on the excellent feedback from the first few customers, I think the shop is definitely worth a visit, for those of you with a baby somewhere in your life! The listings are still limited, but Liz is planning to list more items in the coming weeks, so do stop by!

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