Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Wooden Bird Decoration for Watercolour Invitation

I'm very excited about these little wooden bird decorations that I've just added to my Etsy shop! They measure 40 x 31 mm or approximately 1.57 x 1.2 inches, and are laser-cut from a light-coloured FSC approved laminated wood (3 mm thick), specifically chosen for the fact that it doesn't scorch as much as most types of wood during the laser-cutting process. (The reason why this is important is that the wooden edges won't make a mess of your paper, like laser-cut wood with blackened edges often does.)

I've designed the little bird embellishment to use as decoration for the watercolour wedding invitation in the picture, but the light colour of the wood makes the birdies incredibly versatile. I am sure DIY brides or anyone planning a special event will be able to use the birds on other styles of invitations and stationery too!

The little birds come with a hole, so they can be used with twine, or without a hole, so they can be glued into place. And of course they don't HAVE to be used for weddings or special events. The bird decorations will add a fun, decorative touch to gifts, gift bags, scrapbook pages and more!

You can purchase the birdies in my Etsy shop. To keep shipping costs as low as possible I have done separate listings for quantities of 10 to 50 and 60 to 100. Different quantities can be requested via Etsy or by e-mailing me directly at almostamsterdam{at!} I also do custom shapes for those who have something specific in mind!

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