Thursday, 28 August 2014

Envelopes in Custom Sizes

Every now and again I receive a request for envelopes in a custom size. There are various reasons why brides (or other diy-ers) may need custom-sized envelopes. Very often a person would leave the envelope-buying for last, assuming that it is the "easy part" of invitation making, only to discover that none of the standard-sized envelopes carried by stationery shops are the appropriate size for the invitations! In other cases a designer or bride may decide to make an odd-sized invitation and matching envelope a special feature of an invitation design. Sometimes an envelope in a custom size can simply be a practical packaging solution for anything from wedding favours to confetti and cutlery.

If you are in need of envelopes in a custom size do not despair. I can help. I now offer envelopes in custom sizes as a standard service, so please feel free to contact me for a quotation! Minimum quantity: 25 of the same.

How are these envelopes made?

Step 1
Based on the client's brief I will design a template for the envelope on my computer.

Step 2
Once the design is perfect I will use the template to cut the envelopes one at a time.

Step 3
Every envelope shape is then scored by hand.

Step 4
Adhesive is applied and the paper shape is then folded into an envelope with the help of a bone folder.

Step 5
If required finishing touches are added (e.g  closures and string, adhesive on the flap, etc)

Making envelopes by hand is extremely time-consuming. Due to the time and effort that go into handmade envelopes it is of the utmost importance to order your envelopes as early as you possibly can. I work on a first-come-first-served basis and I do not accept more orders than I can handle. 

Envelope Sizes:

From very small (about 40 mm minimum width) to any size that can be cut from a single A3 sheet of paper.


The cost of envelopes depend on quantity, the intricacy of the design, the cost of the paper and other materials, and the size of the sheet of paper required to make a single envelope. I do my best to keep costs as low as possible, but it will be unfair to compare the cost of handmade envelopes to that of the average standard-size, mass produced envelopes available from stationery suppliers. Please also keep in mind that a small envelope may have the same amount of work involved as a similar one in a bigger size, and may therefore take just as much time to make. I will be able to work out pricing for you once I know the details.

I use heavier paper than the paper used for the standard, mass-produced, machine-made envelopes available on the market.  This ensures crisp folds and a quality, high-end product worthy of weddings and special celebrations. 

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