Thursday, 17 October 2013

Catching up on Etsy treasuries

At the moment I still have a bit of catching up to do, after my holiday in September. I will share a few images from our trip to Italy in the coming days, but today I am catching up on two Etsy treasuries in which my wooden airplanes were featured.

First of all there was this lovely treasury by Imogen from Findimogenwilson, called "Fall Travel".:

I was still on holiday when Imogen published the treasury, but I loved it so much that I still wanted to include it in my blog - better late than never! Imogen Wilson, who runs her Etsy shop from New Zealand, makes colourful, fun jewellery with a Japanese theme.  I just love the originality of Imogen's jewellery pieces and I would encourage anyone to check out her Etsy shop, which you will  find over here.

My favourite piece from Imogen's shop is this ring featuring a tiny origami paper crane in a glass globe:

You can see more images of the ring over here.

The second treasury in which my airplanes were featured was this one called "Going Around" by Mademoiselle Chipotte:

Mademoiselle Chipotte is a lovely Etsy shop, based in Belgium, with a random, but very interesting collection of vintage finds, including anything from optical testing equipment to vintage buttons! There certainly is something for everyone! These Victorian paper stars for scrapbooking are my favourite from the shop:


A sincere thank you to Valerie and Imogen for including my wooden airplanes in their treasuries. As a traveller myself, I always enjoy travel-themed treasuries!

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