Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Sneak Peek: Lasercut Invitation Cut from Recycled Cardstock

I usually publish designs for my Etsy shop on Etsy before I share them here on the blog, but today I will be doing things differently. I have quite a few people waiting for these images and since a blog post takes less time to publish I've decided to give you a sneak peek of a new invitation/save-the-date, while I still get my ducks in a row for the Etsy listing!

This invitation will be available in two sizes: a taller card to fit a DL envelope and a shorter card to fit a C6 envelope. The taller card will be perfect for wedding invitations with a longer text while the shorter card will be perfect for those who want to keep the text on their invitations short and sweet. The shorter format is also suitable for a save-the-date card. The same design can also be converted into table numbers and menus. I recommend the taller card for a menu and the shorter card for table numbers.

I am in the process of streamlining my paper options for my invitations this year, but I will talk more about paper in a follow-up post. What I can tell you so long is that I've added a stunning natural white cardstock to my standard stock and the good news is: it's recycled! The paper was delivered yesterday and I am over the moon! The paper is eco-friendly, but so pretty and versatile! I love the fact that I can use recycled paper without having to sacrifice quality and style! 

The recycled natural white paper is matt with a little sparkle! It's not a shimmer paper as such: but rather a matt white paper sprinkled with delicate flecks of silver. The silver isn't really noticeable, until you tilt the paper at just the right angle to catch a beam of sunlight. The paper reminds me of those pretty white pebbles with the flecks of mica that you will find in nature. The paper looks beautiful with kraft paper too: rustic chic personified! If you do prefer shimmer paper you can still choose your favourite from quite a few pretty shades!

I hope to have the Etsy listing for these invitations ready within the next day or two. In the mean time you are welcome to e-mail me with questions: almostamsterdam{at!}gmail{dot!}com.

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