Monday, 5 March 2012

Spring is Almost Here!

The daffodils and tulips in my garden will hopefully bloom in a couple of weeks and I've noticed that Duiwelina (hubby and I name the wild birds in our garden!) has started to collect twigs for a nest. The skies are still a little grey though, but when I saw this post by Amy Atlas I forgot all about grey skies! The styling for this summer tea party was done by Leo and Bella from Australia. With summer still a bit far away I think it will be ok to be inspired for your spring festivities too!

I just love the festivity of the beautiful floral fabric ribbon around the takeout boxes and  milk bottles.

Although I wouldn't consider orange a favourite colour I've always loved the combination of fuchsia and orange. Adding red makes the colour scheme even bolder, but I loooooove it!

And if you're into ribbon, like I am, what's not to love about this fun ribbon garland as a backdrop? I love how the lace softens the bold colour scheme, without making it overwhelming girly.
You can read about and see more photos here.

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