Sunday, 1 January 2012


Here at the beginning of the new year I would like to say a special  thank you to those of you who visit and read my blog, as well as to those of you who have supported my little shop on Etsy. I am encouraged by your interest and support!

Almost Amsterdam is, to a large extent, still in its infancy - with lots of room to grow. I am aware of that and I have quite a few plans up my sleeve for the new year! During 2011 I've been working on quite a few new designs and these will be launced in 2012. Marc, my hubby, will be helping out with some of the goodies to be made.  (In fact, he is "spring cleaning" and re-organising his workspace as we speak, in preparation for the work to be done!) I will keep you posted, so please stop by often!

Have fun this year! We'll talk again soon!

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