Sunday, 19 June 2011


Hello, Everyone! You should prepare yourselves to see some changes to my blog. The biggest change will be that I will in future publish in English. There are two reasons for this change: The first reason is that I receive more international queries than local ones! To make my blog more accessible to everyone and to try and standardise things a little I will in future blog in English. I  will bring you more information from all over the world, but with suggestions for vendors in Europe.

The second reason is more personal: I love blogging and talking to you all, but it still takes me very long to try and formulate perfect Dutch sentences when writing, as Dutch is not my mother tongue! By the time that I am more or less satisfied (take note: not convinced that there are no errors!) with a post it has become old news to me, which takes the fun out of publishing it. It will therefore be more practical for me to rather write in English. Since it will be much quicker to do, I will be able to also blog more often! This does not mean that I don't value my Dutch followers. You will still be welcome to leave your comments in Dutch or to write to me in Dutch!

I've decided to revamp my blog in more than one way, so you can expect to see a new logo up in the next few days, as well as some new categories for posts. I will talk to you again soon!

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