Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Last week I was trying to explain to someone what I do. I mentioned the word “die-cutting” and she got this blank expression on her face, so I had to explain. (I still do lots of explaining, because my Dutch is still FAR from perfect!) I was proud of myself, because I knew the Dutch word (“stansen”) too, but this was not enough. It made me realise that many Dutch brides and grooms might not be familiar with especially the English term, so I thought it might be useful to post a short explanation here on my blog, especially because I’ll soon be selling die-cuts (“stansvormen”) in my Etsy shop.

Die-cutting is a method by which a specific shape (for example that of an envelope, box or flower) is cut from or punched out of paper or fabric by using a metal form that is called a die. The noun “die-cut” is used to refer to the cut out shape.

Below is a picture of a die:

This die was used to make this box:

I will soon be offering die-cuts cut from my collection in my Etsy shop. As soon as they become available I will do a post on my blog. If you need die-cuts before then, please contact me via e-mail.

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